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2012 Ernie Magwood Super Six TT League – Round 1 – Toome


Report by David Heagney

Ernie Magwood Super 6 Time trial league Toome 22/04/2012

The first round of the 2012 EM S6 league kicked off on a cold morning on the Toome bypass, with a field of 40 riders signing on, including 7 ladies joining in to prepare for the up coming Celtic Chrono event.  Event Organiser James McLaughlin decided it would be interesting to attempt the 10 with 2 rear wheels and no front, luckily John Heverin stepped in with his spare, saving James from having to wheelie the course.

On the day there was few surprises. The strong men came to the fore. John Heverin taking the win by a good margin, John Madden was as expected, right up there too, However, one man proved that mountain bikers are hard men, Cathal Doyle rode a blinder, to separate the two Johns, an incredible performance for a relative newcomer to Time Trials. Well done Cathal.
Fastest Vet on the day, was John Madden, fastest lady was Heather Foley, while Darrell Irwin rode very strongly, and paced his effort well, something I seen first hand, as his minute man caught him within a mile, but then stayed just 50-100yds in front for the next 2!

Problems on the day, included a course some 300m too long, as spotted by Mr Millimeter, “Cormac  G McCann, I suppose you don’t become, or rear a family of champions without being precise! Also the time keepers had a very difficult time, with wet paper and riders not calling their numbers. To avoid any confusion, and help ensure you get the correct time, it would be appreciated if riders could shout their time as they finish, as this makes a difficult job much easier.

Huge thanks to all the usual helpers from Island Wheelers. Especially Sheena O Neill for doing sign on and riding the event, I wonder if we can teach her to push riders off, and also time them finishing in the style of Mo Foster?

John Heverin 21:11
Cathal Doyle 22:04:00
John Madden 22:10:00
Mark Brown 22:54
Desi Foley 22:59
Peter Wilson 23:05
Aaron Deane 23:06
Peter Kennedy 23:48
David Heagney 23:53
Declan McMackin 24:00:00
Jim Hegarty 24:05:00
Brendan McCourt 24:09:00
Heather Foley 24:10:00
Alistar Steele 24:26:00
Domnic Drumm 24:30:00
Paul Swenarton 24:47:00
Noel McLoughlin 24:48:00
John McAuley 24:48:00
Seamus Walsh 25:00:00
Mary Hunter 25:01:00
Gerald McVeigh 25:08:00
Cormac McCann 25:17:00
James McLaughlin 25:17:00
C Conn 25:24:00
Rachael Withers 25:40:00
B Simpson 25:57:00
Warren McNeill 26:09:00
Stephen McCauley 26:26:00
Adrian Kerr 26:26:00
Sinead Rivers 26:34:00
William Orr 26:35:00
Kay Hack 26:40:00
Brendan McCartan 26:53:00
Mervyn Seffen 27:48:00
Sheena ONeill 30:15:00
Laura Maxwell 30:41:00
Pat Ludlow 30:42:00
Sorcha Laverty 32:14
T Brown 32:56:00
Darrel Irwin 35:01:00

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