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Super Six TT – Round 5 – Armagh Road

Two umbrellas were left at the finish line tonight, if they’re yours please get in touch with James McLaughlin.

Super Six Results – Round 5 – Armagh Road (Drumsil)

Position Rider Club Time
1st John Heverin CECC 20.45
2nd Cathal Doyle CARN WHEELERS 22.11
3rd Desi Foley PHOENIX 22.15
4th Sean McIntyre OCC 22.29
5th Conor Young BRC 22.47
6th Peter Hughes IWCC 23.13
7th= James McCusker OCC 23.17
7th= Mark Prendergast SORRENTO 23.17
9th Alan McKeown IWCC 23.19
10th John MacAuley ACT 23.40
11th Noel McLoughlin IWCC 24.00
12th James McLaughlin IWCC 24.01
13th Robert Greer ACT 24.17
14th Heather Foley MARYLAND 24.18
15th Owen Campbell IWCC 24.30
16th Harry Martin CECC 24.35
17th= Campbell Armstrong ACT 24.52
17th= Johnny Graham OCC 24.52
19th Martin Collins IWCC 25.18
20th Gareth McCann ACT 25.24
21st Neill Strattan OCC 25.32
22nd Dermot Donaghy IWCC 25.42
23rd Nigel Flanagan IWCC 25.53
24th Bernie Monaghan DROMARA 26.45
25th Adele McCann ACT 27.15
26th Toni Armstrong ACT 27.26
27th Sheena O’Neill IWCC 28.49


ICL Round 19 – Armagh Road (Drumsil) TT – Results

Position Rider Club Time
1st John Heverin CECC 20.45
2nd Sean McIntyre OCC 22.29
3rd Peter Hughes IWCC 23.13
4th James McCusker OCC 23.17
5th Alan McKeown IWCC 23.19
6th John MacAuley ACT 23.40
7th Noel McLoughlin IWCC 24.00
8th James McLaughlin IWCC 24.01
9th Robert Greer ACT 24.17
10th Owen Campbell IWCC 24.30
11th Harry Martin CECC 24.35
12th= Campbell Armstrong ACT 24.52
12th= Johnny Graham OCC 24.52
14th Martin Collins IWCC 25.18
15th Gareth McCann ACT 25.24
16th Neill Strattan OCC 25.32
17th Dermot Donaghy IWCC 25.42
18th Nigel Flanagan IWCC 25.53
19th Adele McCann ACT 27.15
20th Toni Armstrong ACT 27.26
21st Sheena O’Neill IWCC 28.49

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