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Ulster Cyclo-Cross Round 3 – Windmill Wood Race Report

Date: Sunday 20 October 2013
Event: Ulster Cyclo-cross Round 3
Location: Windmill Wood, Dungannon
Host club: Island Wheelers CC

a race
Roger in his National Champion jersey at the start of the A Race

The Island Wheelers brought in the third round of the Ulster Cyclo-Cross series in style with lots of wet and muddy racing around Windmill Wood, Dungannon.  The event was hosted by the Wheelers, sponsored by Nugent Trailers, and supported by Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council.  The recent wet weather didn’t deter the racers with over 200 competitors of all ages turning up to take part in a full program of races on the day.


The Roger Aiken Show

The heavy rain throughout the week, combined with the rain on race day helped create a very challenging, slippery, yet exciting course.  The main attraction on the day was the Cyclo-Cross A Race, and was dominated from the start by one man, Roger Aiken (Banbridge CC).  Roger sporting his National Champion jersey took the lead on the first lap, and was unstoppable.  In second place was up and coming junior sensation, David Montgomery, whose position was never troubled throughout the race.  The final spot on the podium was a hard found battle between Glenn Kinning and Jason Henry, however after trailing Jason for most of the race, Glenn made his move and went clear on the penultimate lap to take 3rd.  Rory Maguire finished first unplaced junior, Jason Henry first unplaced veteran, and John Bogues (Phoenix CC) finished first unplaced super vets.  After his win last weekend in the B race, Thomas Hepburn flew the flag for the Island Wheelers in the A race and done the club proud with a fantastic effort!

glenn kinning - 3rd
Glenn Kinning on his way to 3rd place in the A Race

The ladies race was won by Gill Smith (Phoenix CC), ahead of Lisa Millar (Dromara CC).  Shenna McKiverigan (Banbridge CC) came home 3rd to take the last place on the podium ahead of Mairead McGurk (Carn Wheelers), and Julie McCorry (Dromara CC).

Gills and Lisa on the podium after their fine performance in the ladies CX race
Gills and Lisa on the podium after their fine performance in the ladies CX race

The B race saw Gary Jeffers (East Tyrone) transfer his fantastic road season to the CX scene by taking a convincing win. William Boyd (Xmtb McConvey Cycles) and Joseph McCrory (Carn Wheelers) made up the remaining places on the podium.  Wheelers, Sean Scullion and Raymond Rocks battled hard to take 4th and 5th. Cathal McGuigan and Gary Rafferty also featured in the race.

Cathal always manages a 'smile' for the camera!
Cathal always manages a ‘smile’ for the camera!

Mountain Biking Support Races

In the mountain bike support race, Paul Ferguson (North Down CC) took the win ahead of Apollo CT man Cathal Hendron and Steven Mulholland (Carn Wheelers).  Island Wheeler Kieran Gilligan just missed out on the podium but can’t be too disappoint with an excellent fourth place.

Kathryn Aiken (Banbridge CC) won the ladies mountain bike race ahead of Dromara CC pair; Diane Wilson and Alwynne Shannon.  The Island Wheelers had Janice Hepburn feature strongly in the race which was great to see.  Hopefully she’s inspired a few more ladies in the club to go out and give the racing a go.

Conor and James go Strong in the Under 16s

Local lads Conor Boyle and James McCourt have been putting in great performances in the last few races, and round 3 was no different with the pair coming in 4th and 5th respectively.  The pair have put in some hard training over the last year and will be ones to watch in the future!  Cameron McIntyre (Xmtb McConvey Cycles) won the race ahead of Dylan Russell (Caldwell Cycles Omagh) and George Graham (BRC).

Conor Boyle getting off to a great start in the Under 16 race
Conor Boyle getting off to a great start in the Under 16 race

The Island Wheelers Youth Show

There was a full program of youth racing which proved extremely popular and good fun!  It also proved to be extremely successful for the Island Wheelers.  In the Under 10 race Darren Rafferty won once again to make it three out of three in the series. In the girls under 10 race Sarah Wilson done really well and came home in the top 10.

Darren Wins Once Again!
Darren Wins Once Again!

In the under 8 boys race, the Island Wheelers stormed to a fantastic 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (Shane Scullion/Adam Rafferty/Oisin Ferrity) with Calum Hepburn not far behind in 8th.  Well done lads! In the under 8’s girls race, Katie Kirkland came in a cool 8th place.

The future is looking good for the Island Wheelers
The future is looking good for the Island Wheelers

The under 6 ‘fun’ race was just that! The Wheelers were out in force and young Calum Hepburn came home first with Aliyah Rafferty in a brilliant 3rd place.  A big well done to all the youths who took part in this race!

Wheelers ready to go at the under 6 fun race!
Wheelers ready to go at the under 6 fun race!


The Island Wheelers would like to thank a number of people that help make the event the huge success that it was.  Firstly to the race sponsor, Nugent Trailers who have supported the event since its inception.  Also to Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council who provided a fantastic and unique venue in Windmill Wood, Dungannon.  To the race commissaires Martin Lees, and Martin Grimley who was not only a great help in organising the race, but also for promoting and providing a race report.  To all the ladies who provided the much needed tea, coffees, sandwiches, soup, and to Newell stores for providing some of the food.  Also, to all the competitors, spectators, Order of Malta, all those who helped organise and marshal from the Island Wheelers CC, Edell Nugent for doing photography, Ulster Cycling, Ulster Cyclo Cross… the list is endless, you all know who you are and all came together to provide a great event.  Finally, a special mention has to Aidan Lafferty for the countless hours he put in organising and delivering the event, it’s safe to say all the hard work paid off!

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Cyclo Cross A Race

1. Roger AIKEN Banbridge CC 51:12
2. David MONTGOMERY (J) **UNATTACHED Ulster 53:15
3. Glenn KINNING East Antrim – Audi 54:52
4. Jason HENRY (V) **UNATTACHED Ulster 55:07
5. Barry KELLETT Dromara Cycling Club 55:43
6. Graham BOYD Xmtb McConvey Cycles 56:21
7. Rory MAGUIRE (J) Phoenix CC 56:45
8. Alex DONALD Phoenix CC 56:47
9. John BOGUES (SV) Phoenix CC 56:50
10. Darnell MOORE (J) Caldwell Cycles Omagh 57:08
11. David HAMILTON Curran Racing 58:20
12. Gary SHEILS (V) Cuchulainn CC 58:49
13. Brendan DOHERTY (V) VC Glendale 59:03
14. Cathal SMYTH Phoenix CC 59:22
15. Joe HENRY Phoenix CC 1:00:10
16. Cathal DOYLE Carn Wheelers 1:00:21
17. Eamon MCCONVEY (SV) Xmtb McConvey Cycles 1:01:18
18. Thomas HEPBURN Island Wheelers 1:01:40
19. Phil O’NEILL Phoenix CC 1:02:34
20. Declan MCCABE (SV) Cuchulainn CC -1 lap
21. Derek FINNEGAN Keevan CC -1 lap
22. Daniel PURDY Banbridge CC -1 lap
23. Ed BOYLE (V) Phoenix CC -1 lap
25. Niall O’GORMAN (V) Phoenix CC -1 lap
26. Paul HESKETH Phoenix CC DNF

Women’s Cyclo Cross

1. Gill SMITH Phoenix CC 1:05:35
2. Lisa MILLAR Dromara Cycling Club 1:08:07
3. Shenna MCKIVERIGAN Banbridge CC -1 lap
4. Mairead MCGURK Carn Wheelers -1 lap
5. Julie MCCORRY Dromara Cycling Club

Cyclo Cross B Race

1. Gary JEFFERS East Tyrone CC 57:41
2. William BOYD Xmtb McConvey Cycles 58:21
3. Joseph MCCRORY Carn Wheelers 58:59
4. Sean SCULLION Island Wheelers 59:01
5. Raymond ROCKS Island Wheelers 59:03
6. Richard ARCHER East Tyrone CC 59:16
7. Keith HOOKS North Down CC 59:19
8. Paul MCARTHUR North Down CC 59:36
9. Martin BRADLEY Carn Wheelers 59:52
10. Johnny TAYLOR Carn Wheelers 1:00:07
11. Raymond KERR Lakeland CC 1:00:23
12. Craig LLOYD **UNATTACHED Ulster 1:00:42
13. Colm MCLARNON North Down CC 1:01:07
14. Michael HAMILTON North Down CC 1:01:50
15. Michael HOLLAND Caldwell Cycles Omagh 1:02:46
16. Martin GRIMLEY Dromara Cycling Club 1:02:48
17. Shane ELDER Carn Wheelers 1:02:50
18. Michael GRIMES **UNATTACHED Leinster 1:03:25
19. Brian KELLETT Lakeland CC 1:04:22
20. Richard FALOON Xmtb McConvey Cycles 1:04:49
21. Cathal MCGUIGAN Island Wheelers 1:05:22
22. Christopher MCCANN Banbridge CC 1:05:24
23. Fred MACSORLEY Apollo CT 1:06:27
24. Carl MCWILLIAMS Carn Wheelers 1:07:32
25. Gareth BEATTIE North Down CC 1:07:41
26. David MCKEAGUE North Down CC 1:07:59
27. Olan BYRNE Phoenix CC 1:08:24
28. David MAITLAND Phoenix CC 1:08:38
29. Stephen PRENTICE Banbridge CC -1 lap
30. Damien MCGRANE Team Madigan -1 lap
31. David STEWART Phoenix CC -1 lap
32. Kieran MCGRORY Lakeland CC
33. Gary RAFFERTY Island Wheelers

MTB Support Race

1. Paul FERGUSON North Down CC 38:42
2. Cathal HENDRON Apollo CT 39:03
3. Steven MULHOLLAND Carn Wheelers 39:07
4. Kieran GILLIGAN Island Wheelers 39:12
5. Aaron DONNELLY Newry Wheelers CC 39:45
6. Damien DOYLE Spires CC 40:06
7. Keith WARWICK East Tyrone Cycling Club 40:13
8. Bryce HETHERINGTON Dromara Cycling Club 40:23
9. Anthony MCCONVILLE Apollo CT 40:27
10. Paul TAYLOR Unattached 40:30
11. Mark HAR VEY Xmtb McConvey Cycles 40:35
12. James AMBROSE Curran Racing 40:37
13. Paul DALY  Island Wheelers 40:50
14. David BLEVINS Harps CC 40:56
15. Barry KIRKLAND Island Wheelers 40:57
16. Gibson CHAMBERS Dromara Cycling Club 41:04
17. Darren MULHOLLAND Carn Wheelers 41:06
18. Bob DAVISON East Tyrone Cycling Club 41:28
19. Paul MCCORMAC Apollo CT 41:30
20. Clifford BLAYNEY North Down CC 41:30
21. Sean BLEEKS Island Wheelers 41:35
22. Robert DAVISON Dromara Cycling Club 41:38
23. Ronan CAMPBELL Xmtb McConvey Cycles 41:40
24. Brendan KIRK North Down CC 41:52
25. Campbell ARMSTRONG Apollo CT 41:54
26. James HEGARTY Phoenix CC 42:46
27. Ian COCHRANE Banbridge CC 42:53
28. Chris WATSON VC Glendale 43:22
29. Robert GREER Apollo CT 43:27
30. Eunan MCALEESE Carn Wheelers 43:33
31. Michael BARTON Dromara Cycling Club 43:58
32. Gordon SIMMONS North Down CC 44:08
33. Mark HERON Real Velo 44:45
34. Nigel GIBSON **UNATTACHED Ulster 45:01
35. Gavin HANNA Apollo CT 45:09
36. Aidan HIGGINS Carn Wheelers 45:17
37. Damian LAVERY Island Wheelers 45:51
38. David HOBBS VC Glendale 46:01
39. Gerard FERRITY Island Wheelers 49:13
40. Leslie MITCHELL East Tyrone Cycling Club 51:28
41. Derek KING Apollo CT -1 lap

Women’s MTB

1. Kathryn AIKEN Banbridge CC 43:12
2. Diane WILSON Dromara Cycling Club 44:27
3. Alwynne SHANNON Dromara Cycling Club 47:45
4. Alison MCMULLAN North Down CC 50:05
5. Janice HEPBURN Island Wheelers 55:43

U16 Boys

1. Cameron MCINTYRE Xmtb McConvey Cycles 37:18
2. Dylan RUSSELL Caldwell Cycles Omagh 38:55
3. George GRAHAM BRC 39:43
4. Conro BOYLE Island Wheelers 40:28
5. James MCCOURT Island Wheelers 42:51
6. Aaron MCCUTCHEON North Down CC 43:54
7. Sean BRADLEY Carn Wheelers 45:44
8. Tristan BLEVINS Harps CC 46:19

U14 Boys

1. Adam DUFF **UNATTACHED Ulster 21:50
2. Adam PREECE North Down CC 22:27
3. Conal MCKEE **UNATTACHED Ulster 23:56
4. Ben WEBB North Down CC 26:58

U14 Girls

1. Molly MCLARNON North Down CC
2. Niamh SKELLY Carn Wheelers
3. Molly MCLARNON North Down CC

U12 Boys

1. Cathir DOYLE Carn Wheelers 16:18
2. Ben WILSON Dromara Cycling Club 16:52
3. Lee HARVEY Xmtb McConvey Cycles 17:14
4. Caolan MCKEE **UNATTACHED Ulster 17:24
5. Conor MCKEE -1 lap
6. Shea MCGRORY Unattached -1 lap
7. Peter DAVIDSON Unattached -1 lap
8. Jordan MOORE Unattached -1 lap
9. Mark MCCANN Unattached -1 lap

U12 Girls

1. Sarah ELDER Carn Wheelers 16:42
2. Kelly WILSON Dromara Cycling Club 18:36
3. Anna KERR Unattached 20:26
4. Anna WATSON VC Glendale -1 lap
5. Sophie MCBRIDE VC Glendale -1 lap

U10 Boys

1. Darren RAFFERTY Island Wheelers 8:10
2. Dean HARVEY Xmtb McConvey Cycles 8:13
3. Shea O’KANE Phoenix CC 9:11
4. James CAMPBELL Xmtb McConvey Cycles 9:12
5. Fraser HARROWER Dromara Cycling Club 9:24
6. Adam MCCAUGHTRY Dromara Cycling Club 10:42

U10 Girls

1. Sara DOYLE Spires CC 10:46
2. Charley DUNLOP Banbridge CC 10:47
3. Maia SIMMONS North Down CC 11:05
4. Louise WATSON VC Glendale 11:27
5. Ciara MCKEE VC Glendale 11:50
6. Sophie WATSON VC Glendale 12:17
7. Cara MCKEE VC Glendale -1 lap
8. Lucy MCBRIDE VC Glendale -1 lap
9. Sarah WILSON Island Wheelers -1 lap
10. Zoe TALBOT Harps CC -1 lap

U8 Boys

1. Shane SCULLION Island Wheelers 7:20
2. Adam RAFFERTY Island Wheelers 7:22
3. Oisin FERRITY Island Wheelers 7:59
4. Scott WILSON Dromara Cycling Club 8:40
5. Odhran HUGHES 8:48
6. Zach WATSON VC Glendale 8:50
7. Harry HOBBS VC Glendale 9:00
8. Calum HEPBURN Island Wheelers 9:32
9. Aaron WILSON Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
10. Alex HARROWER Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
11. Ryan OSBORNE VC Glendale -1 lap
12. Adam WARD Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap

U8 Girls

1. Aine DOHERTY VC Glendale 7:57
2. Sophie OSBORNE VC Glendale 8:51
3. Lily BROWN VC Glendale 8:51
4. Moya O’KANE Phoenix CC 8:55
5. Clodagh DOHERTY VC Glendale 10:02
6. Zoe LINDSAY Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
7. Katie KIRKLAND Island Wheelers -1 lap
8. Ella KERR Unattached -1 lap

Under 6 Fun Race

1st Calum Hepburn
2nd Padriag Doyle
3rd Aliyah Rafferty


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