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Saturday Group Notes – Pleasure Team Roll On

Saturday the 11th December was the first frost free Saturday in quite awhile, and the Pleasure Cyclists were keen to take full advantage of it. The Master who had taken himself off to Belfast for the weekend was not there, but Eddie readily stepped into the breach and led the team through the low country, over the Ferry bridge into Maghery and  then through Columbcille to Portadown. This week saw the return of ‘sunshine specialist’ Dwyer. Despite his long absence he was still keen to do his bit and prove that he hadn’t lost it.

Meanwhile in Belfast the Master dropped into the City Hospital to visit our Honorary President Hugo Loughran.  Hugo was in good spirits and immediately inquired about all the Wheelers and club activities. He said to let everyone know that he was grateful for the good wishes and support he had received from the club and hoped that he would soon be well enough to get out and to be involved in club activities. Hugo has been an inspiration to cyclists in this area for decades and with God’s help he will continue to be an inspiration for many years to come.

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