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Round 2 Ernie Magwood Super Six.

The second round of the 2012 league took place on Thursday night at the popular Woodgreen course. Woodgreen is a strange course, there are no gifts and fast times are not guarnteed, however if you have a big enough engine some remarkable speeds can be achived.
The engines dont come much bigger than that fitted to John H…everin, who despite a head cold, equalled to the second the current vets record of John Madden, clocking an incredible 19:55.
There was however a huge surprise on the night, the organisers were left scratching their heads by a rider “In an AG2R skin suit” as he was identified, who whizzed across the line stopping the clock at 20:24. Only through process of elimination did we eventually identify him as Matthew Doyle of Foyle. I have a feeling we will know Matthew the next time we see him!

John Heverin CECC 19:55
Matthew Doyle Foyle 20:24
Cathal Doyle Carn 20:57
Leo McAllister CRC Vitus 21:00
Connor McAteer BVRC 21:23
Desi Foley Phoenix 21:24
Richard Davidson IWCC 21:37
Stephen McWilliams Phoenix 21:50
Paul Wilkinson WDW 21:52
Brendan McCourt Northern 21:59
Joby Holman Phoenix 22:07
David Heagney ETCC 22:24
Christian Nachtigall Phoenix 22:39
Heather Foley Maryland 22:40
Domnic Drumm BWCC 22:44
Michael Carroll BVRC 22:49
Jim Hegarty Phoenix 22:59
Seamus Walsh Phoenix 22:59
D Ferguson Kings Moss 23:00
John McAuley Apollo 23:01
Dan Gordon WDW 23:02
Noel McLoughlin IWCC 23:03
Andrew Woodside Kings Moss 23:05
Derek McMenemy BWCC 23:23
John Kernohan WDW 23:43
Sean McIntyre Orchard 23:44
Andrew McBurney Kings Moss 23:50
James McLaughlin IWCC 23:54
Paul McKinstry WDW 23:55
Gregory Kearney Roe Valley 24:05
Mary Hunter Dromara 24:20
Will Maxwell WDW 24:25
Johnathon Cromie WDW 25:13
Sinead Rivers Roe Valley 25:28
Stuart Callen Centurion 25:34
Mervyn Seffen ETCC 25:51
Laura Maxwell Roe Valley 26:12
Gillian Orr Ards 27:03
Sheena O Neill IWCC 27:39

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